What Men Want In a Wife – Making Your Marriage Work

by merfam

What Men Want In a Wife – Making Your Marriage Work

Are you one of those wondering what men want in a wife? If you are a wife who wants to make your marriage a little happier or a little nicer for your husband, or if you are a woman who just recently gotten married – here are some ideas about what men want in a wife that might help you in giving your man what he expects you to do.

* Men love independent and confident women. They want women who can manage their lives without being too dependent with their man. A woman who can earn for herself and is capable of making money to help him with the finances is also another factor that men in modern times are considering in choosing a wife. A woman who is too fragile and needy is not what men want to spend their lives forever.

* Men love to be with a happy companion and a woman who looks at things positively. When men think of getting married to a woman, they think about being with that woman everyday of his life and living with women who constantly complains about just about anything is not an attractive partner in life. Although complaining can be inevitable at times, it would be attractive to men if your being positive and fun outweighs the negative energy in you. Having a positive outlook is a major element in attraction – whether you are attracting a man, wealth or the good things in life.

* Men want great sex. It is not just by choice or what. Men by nature have higher libido than women, so they often want a partner in life that is compatible with them sexually. Men most often express love through sex that they tend to look for a woman who can also take care of their needs when it comes to that aspect. Women just have to realize that when it comes to physical intimacies, what men want in a wife is not just sex but great sex.

* Men want to feel loved and cared for. Men want to have your time as well. This is especially true when you already have kids, women may tend to be so engrossed with kids at home that they tend to forget about giving even a little comforting hug to their husbands. At times, men want someone to cry on and a shoulder where they can just ‘be weak’ – so don’t forget to also to take some time to pay attention to the man in your life and cheer him up when he is depressed and down.

* Men want to be appreciated. If women love the feeling of being sincerely complimented, men and husbands also love to be appreciated for what they give and contribute to building a good family. If men should learn how to compliment sincerely, and women and wives learn to be appreciative of the man in their lives, it would make a lot of difference in relationships. You do not have to appreciate something that is obviously not worth appreciating, but you can find many things to appreciate in your man. You just have to look at the positive qualities rather than picking on his mistakes.

* Men love a woman who knows how to listen and understand. Men hate a nagging wife and they appreciate a woman who listens and understands, not someone who barge into the room with all the whining and nagging.

When women take time to think about what men want in a wife, it truly can make a difference in the marriage. Although marriage is not a one-way street, you can always initiate a few things to make the relationship running well.

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