Why I Put Amish Recipes On The Internet

Over ten years ago I married my wife and moved into Amish country. My wife had a lot of contact with the Amish in Ohio. We had a lot of great times in the Amish homes. There we long talks, game playing, and the fantastic food. I was able to enjoy many different Amish cooked meals. I have been able to collect a lot of those recipes which Amish use. I now want to spread what I have learned about what makes Amish cooking so appealing and how to make that great food.
There are a few things that I have learned about Amish cooking. Amish style cooking is a melting pot of many different cultures. The strongest cooking influences come from German and Swiss cultures. This doesnt mean the recipes come from there, but a lot of recipes that come from many other cultures. This makes its a great possibility that Amish cooking is borrowed from your culture also. No wonder so many people feel at home when they have Amish style cooking.
The search for a great meal starts with the ingredients. We are going to start with the meat. I dont want to break your heart, but not all Amish take care of their animals. This can really affect the taste of the meat. If you can, go to the country and see how the farmers are actually taking care of the animals. This doesnt mean just the Amish, but whoever is raising the animals. You might not have Amish farmers who live nearby, so you really need to expand your search to all farmers. You might not be able to get to a farm to buy meat. You just need to keep trying different stores to buy meat. You might want to even place an ad in a paper that farmers might want to read. The taste is so important in your cooking. Bad tasting meat will make your dish taste bad not matter what you add to it.
The produce you put into your food follows the same rules. If it tastes bad, it will make your dish taste bad also. All you have to do is search out for great tasting produce no matter where you can find it… Do not be afraid to go and search out for great tasting produce that wont break the bank. Try going to farmers market, road side stands, or join a farmers coop. I actually buy a lot of produce from the discount grocery where the selection is great, and the prices are lower.
The spices are the next place to consider when cooking Amish style. The most expensive is not always necessarily the best. Just try different ones, until you get what you like. Just remember to keep it simple and not go to exotic. The Amish tend to live a simpler life style, and this reflects in their cooking.
There are quite a few reasons that I am putting the recipes on the internet. First of all, the recipes are usually pretty easy to cook, and ingredients are easy to find. In addition to the easiness of cooking, the recipes tend to be easy on your budget. This is extremely important in todays economy. The biggest benefit of Amish Cooking is that the Amish really love their food and that passes on to everyone. That is why I am passing on those my knowledge what helps recipes and recipes that Amish use. That is so you can also have great experiences o the fantastic food Amish has. You can also do a search for Amish recipes. More and more people are putting the recipes into books and placing them on the internet.