World?s Worst Teachers Ever


Taking about teachers, we often think of devoted people who are willing to work hard for the teaching profession. However, there are still many teachers that don’t do their tasks, they even kill or take use of students to satisfy their illegal need. For example, a teacher threw female student out classroom window, a teacher forced students to drink alcohol, and another teacher attacked students in front of the black board. Obviously, these bad people couldn’t be suitable to bring knowledge to students. They had been dismissed because of their bad behaviour.

In 2006, Li Henyi was arrested for killing an 11-year-old female student. He used a metal bar to beat the little girl and then threw her out the fourth-storey window despite the fear of other students in the class.


The 28-year-old Chinese teacher threw the primary schoolgirl out classroom window


Gregory Harrison, the US teacher repeatedly used an assumption of assassinating the U.S. President Barack Obama to teach his students about angles. With this action, FBI put him under investigation, but Harrison was not charged and he was eventually allowed to teach again.


Christopher Ingvaldson, a Canadian teacher, was expelled from school in June, 2010 because of participating in a child pornography ring. He was accused of storing and using illegal images through school’s computers.


Belgian teacher Ronald Janssen was accused of the murder of a young couple known as his neighbours. He is still in investigation for many unsolved murders of young women in Belgium.


Martin Rouse, a teacher in England, wanted to get the attention of his student by taking off his shirt in the classroom. However, he was immediately fired after the school found some secret photos of his action.


An American teacher was blamed for engaging in sexual conduct with a minor, and sending sexually explicit messages to two students at the age of 13 and 14. The teacher Matthew Herrmann also exchanged bare-skin photos with these students.


Hina Patel, aged 37, a teacher in the high school Birkdale was charged in sexual acts with two boys at the age of 16. She was immediately suspended from her position when the case was discovered.


Cassandra Sproch, 42 years old, a dance teacher at the high school Propel Homestead in Pennsylvania was arrested in 2009 because she had forced 3 students to drink alcohol and propositioned two of them.


Marion V, a language teacher in German has twice sued her students for drawing a rabbit on the board and made her extremely frightened.


Another primary school teacher in the U.S. was regarded as a child abuser. Jessica Defoor had gave a 12-year-old girl and her 18-year-old brother alcohol and made love with the boy.



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