by MaxiuB


Courtesy of Ross Simonini’s piece in this week’s Voice, we break down the various sources of far-flung music on the net. . .

Voodoo Funk

“Frank Conakry, a/k/a DJ Soulpusher, just lately spent three many years residing in West Africa for the sole function of crate-digging. He scoured thirty-12 months-previous private music collections and the houses of old musicians in search of ‘Afrobeat, jerk, and soul’ information–‘not high lifestyle or rhumba or cha-cha,’ he clarifies. In the course of this search, he was robbed at knifepoint, battled scorpions within record sleeves, and endured respiratory infections from colonies of mold spores.”

Benn Loxo Du Taccu

“Matt Yanchyshyn’s ‘world music for the masses’ website Benn Loxo Du Taccu follows his travels from China to Syria to Denmark, where he quizzes locals about their music scenes and unearths every thing from Turkish hip-hop to Argentine classical music. ‘More and more of my close friends and associates who do not fall into the stereotypical planet-music demography–i.e., old, white, and male–had started paying out a lot more consideration to music from outdoors America and Europe,’ Shimkovitz says. ‘There appeared to be an opportunity to inspire younger individuals like my buddies, who weren’t close to for the original planet-beat boom in the ’80s.'”

Amazing Spots Radio

“Tony Lowe, a member of the band Skeletons and the Kings of All Cities, began up the Awesome Locations website/radio demonstrate with Dean Bein, owner of the Correct Panther record label. Essentially, the blog is a car for their credo, ‘Global musical pondering will be component of what saves us as a species,’ which would seem to be a more elaborate way of articulating what all these blogs are reaching by means of limitless investigation, creating, mixtaping, and, in a way, proselytizing. Great Locations does their element by tracing the roots and improvement of Peruvian chicha and Southeast Asian music even though sharing anecdotes about extraordinary cross-cultural musical influences, this kind of as Javanese slaves in Guyana who perform Eastern-tinged dancehall reggae. ‘We consider it really is truly part of a greater shift in musical awareness,’ Bein and Lowe compose. ‘Music blogs and new breeds of international-music-targeted labels have a lot to do with people opening their ears to music they would’ve dismissed ahead of. If we can increase that acceptance and enthusiasm into all elements of foreign cultures, we would really be residing as the global nation we ought to be. Music is just one particular of the first smoke signals.'”


“John Beadle, a machinist at Harley-Davidson, tends the Likembe blog since he ‘wants to deliver to light some little-acknowledged Nigerian sounds, specifically Igbo music, which is almost unheard outside of Nigeria.'”

Great Tapes From Africa

“Brian Shimkovitz, a ‘trained ethnomusicologist’ who traveled via Ghana on a Fulbright scholarship, stocks his Awesome Tapes From Africa blog with the lo-fi recordings that he picked up along the way.”

Ghetto Bassquake

“Ghetto Bassquake, to name one particular of several, covers baile funk, reggaet├│n, dancehall, and other global dance-club beats.”


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